Hello everybody!


It has been a long time since I’ve shown interest in updating the website, but after tons of threatening emails and IM sessions, I’ve finally found the time to do a little housekeeping.


For those who don’t know, I am the owner and creator of this website.  I require a live human sacrifice to function every month and my favorite beverage is gasoline.


The original purpose of this post is to inform you about the upcoming changes that Animeseed is going to establish as we try to become relevant again!


Website Changes

There are some notable website changes that everyone should make a note of.

  • Favorites are DISABLED

    Due to the initial messy implementation of this, I decided to pull it out until a better implementation can be made.

  • Anime Recommendations are DISABLED
    Another messy implementation that I feel can do better.  The actual recommendation page is disabled.
  • Manga has been REMOVED
    I felt that Manga should be left to people who specialize in those things.  It may or may not make a comeback though!
  • Random Page with genre filter
    This one was suggested by Knightfall, so you can thank him for that
  • Articles Articles Articles
    One of the features that I’ve announced long long ago would be the implementation of a competent article system.  We will now be able to write and distribute articles a lot more efficiently!
  • Change in web design
    I decided to keep it simple this time around and implement a design I’m comfortable with.  I’ve taken feedback from the previous design and shifted things around to please as many people as possible.  However, I do understand that some of you may not like the current design, so please provide as much feedback as possible!
  • All Megavideo links have been removed
    This doesn’t mean there are any new links that took their places :roll:

Please note that there are anime listings that are missing episodes.  The Animeseed staff will try to do their best to replace these links ASAP (As Slow as Possible).  Most articles are still not transitioned over to the new system yet but can be viewed in the forums.


Banner Contest

I’ve spent countless days pondering about how I can add spice to the banner and couldn’t come up with anything I like.  I could’ve sworn that my mind somehow ventured into the depths of a very hot place during one of these brainstorming sessions.  Forgive me for I am not a clever man.  Hopefully, someone better than me at sleeping will show up and save the day.   Please stay tuned for the upcoming contest announcement!


It’s getting fairly late and I can’t recall anything else I’d like to address.  If there is anything you’d like addressed, please leave a comment below and I will get back to you.


Additional thanks to Knightfall, Krowhop, Dithiannim, and yC for keeping me insane.