Hi All,


It has been a while since the last update has been posted for the site, but I just want everyone to know that we’ve been constantly trying to improve our services. As many of you know, we’ve started automating our ongoing series. However, we haven’t found very many stable hosts that let’s us automate things with ease. I’ve been looking into different video hosts for our videos so that we can fix links more efficiently. However, I do not think that is enough. In order for us improve our services, I would like all our loyal visitors to take part in shaping the site. Please inform me of any video hosts that you like, and I will look into adding them to our services.


Second thing on my agenda is that I want to revive the neglected forum community. Since I’ve removed most traces of the forum from the frontpage, there has been next to no activity on the forums. Since you’re reading this, you’re already doing your part :) . I intend to revamp our frontpage once again to include the forum activity to try to influence some of our visitors to make some posting contributions.


I”m a bit late but HAPPY NEW YEAR!


AnimeSeed Administrator