Hello, citizens of AnimeSeed!… or should I say Seedlings!


I have a few announcements to make!


First off, last week marked the first time I’ve upgraded the forum software since many years ago. We went from Vbulletin 3.8 to Vbulletin 4.2 with a brand new theme. The theme still has some kinks that need working out and if you see anything that looks odd, please let me know.  A lot has changed under the table but the overall functionality still remains the same.  Get to the forums and start posting!


Second, I’ve just finished updating our anime watch window! The window has received many overhauls throughout the seven years we’ve been “active”, but have never received any major facelift. Today, I broke that pattern by completely redesigning the window and some functionality. Instead of staying with the movie-friendly black background we’ve used since forever, we’ve switched over to a grey background matching that of the front page.  To prevent any distractions in the window, we’ve added a light switch button.  The switch dims everything except for what’s important and helps keep your eyes focused on the video.   We’ve also turned on Chatango by default, and added a toggle to hide the window when the discussions get a tad bit irritating.


I would also like to remind people that the banner contest is coming!  Start preparing your noggins for the needed explosion of creativity as there will be prizes!


Stay posted, as there will be a lot more exciting announcements soon to come.