Aniplex of America and ELEVEN ARTS has announced that the third Madoka movie, “Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie -Rebellion-” is coming to theaters in the United States!


Aniplex and ELEVEN ARTS have previous brought the first two Madoka movies to select US theaters and continue the tradition with the third movie.


Transform away!

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Anime Boston 2013

Boston, Massachusetts

Hynes Convention Center

May 24th – 26th

By Knightfall



For those who aren’t yet familiar with Anime Boston, it is an annual anime convention located in the heart of Boston, Massachusetts within the Hynes Convention Center and Sheraton Hotel. 2013 is the third year my group had the privilege of attending and covering this event as press. The theme, as the title suggests, was youkai (Japanese ghostlike beings). If you’ve watched a lot of anime you more than likely have seen these mischievous creatures in action at some point. Anime like Natsume Yuujinchou can give you a good look at these beings. Still, given the theme, there was not much youkai cosplaying going on during the event, but there were still quite a few decent costumes to be found throughout the convention. So what took place this year? I’ll tell you.


Day 1 – Friday


After receiving our badges we made our way to the Hynes. The doors had only just been open at this point so it took some time before the halls saw some movement. Since there was still time before the Opening Ceremony we decided to wander a bit and snap some photos of the early Day One cosplayers. As we came to the entrance of the mall that is connected to the Hynes, we were met with a search table where one would open their bags/backpacks etc and have the contents inspected by one of the security officers in charge. Now this was only the third year we’ve taken part in the Anime Boston convention, but this was first time we had to go through a security check like this. The reason being of course the bombing that took place during the Boston Marathon only a month ago. An understandable approach considering how large of an event the convention is, but I’m not sure if they will be continuing these security checks in the years to come. At least they had a cute K-9!
Opening Ceremony time. The first con event where most of the con-goers get together in one room. A short movie was shown featuring Anime Boston’s mascots A-chan and B-kun which introduced this year’s theme. Co-chairs Andrea Finnin and Victor Lee gave their opening speech, just as they do each year. The sponsors were given credit, one of them, to my surprise, being Japanime Games. Some of you may know them as the people who translated and distributed the French boardgame “Krosmaster Arena” to the English speaking community. The guests were introduced, though quite a few of them couldn’t make it to the opening ceremonies. The guest I personally was most excited for was Cherami Leigh, known for her roles as the Mecromancer, Gaige from the sequel to the popular videogame, “Borderlands”, and also voices many popular anime characters such as Shana from Shakugan no Shana and Eucliwood Hellscythe from “Kore wa Zombie Desuka?” (Is That A Zombie?). She is also currently voicing Asuna, the main heroine of Sword Art Online, of which many fans are looking forward to. Continuing on with Sword Art Online, Bryce Papenbrook who is voicing the main character Kirito also showed up as a guest along with director Tomohiko Ito and producer Shinichiro Kashiwada to promote the anime. To top off the ceremony, Raj Ramaya and Origa each graced us with a musical perfomance.

We ventured back out into the huge halls, visting panel after panel. I remembered enjoying the Cosplay Deathmatch from last year so that was our next event. We watched as many of our beloved anime and videogame characters fought each other and suffer horrible deaths the winners chosen by the audience themselves. Toward the end Lightning and Kyuubi, who were originally opposing one another, were tied in their match and ended up being teamed together as per popular demand, a first in the short but growing history of Cosplay Deathmatch. The final battle placed Sailor Moon and Sailor Jupiter against the newly formed team, and ended with the victory of Lightning and Kyuubi. After the show we spent some time walking around and up and down the convention. We saw some awesome cosplayers, took some awesome photos and met some awesome people.


  We did visit the dealers room a few times. Just being surrounded by all the anime/game related merchandise feels amazing. People everywhere, buying whatever their heart desires, with plenty of cosplays to be seen. I ended up finding the Japanime Games booth, where I met with Erica who was promoting the Kanzume Goddess and Krosmaster Arena games. This was my first time seeing the Krosmaster figures in person, as I am still waiting for my copy to arrive in the mail. They looked amazing, and Erica was very nice.




 So, tired from all the walking, we decided to find a panel to relax a bit in. We stumbled on the Karaoke Shuffle game show. It was entertaining to watch fellow otaku tackle some of the more well known anime themes. Some did pretty well, others… Well some did pretty well. It was about time I got to getting a couple autographs. We only had time to get one guest’s autograph, of course I already knew who that would be. We went to see Cherami Leigh to try and get a few signatures out of her. I took the chance to ask her what was her favorite line as Gaige the Mechromancer, she told me she probably had the most fun with the god-complex and science fair lines. Gaige is loved especially for her dialogue, so getting to hear her voice in person was quite satisfying.
Though the schedule was a bit off at times, the first day was quite enjoyable. One thing I noticed, from first hand experience and watching others, some of the staff members didn’t seem to know exactly what to do in certain, very likely to happen often, situations. Still everything moved pretty smoothly, and we enjoyed our first day visit. Thus ended Day 1.


Day 2 – Saturday (Night)


Saturday night was interesting. We arrived around 8pm so we hadn’t gotten to experience the first half of the day. We wandered the halls, snapped some photos, met some interesting cosplayers and checked out the dealer room. Then we stumbled upon the premier to the first ever Anime Boston Anime Charades gameshow. My friend actually took part in this one and we watched as the hilarity ensued. Just imagine No Face struggling to act out his part, with no face. That was one of my personal favorites. My friend’s team ended up winning the game, and he held the record of acting out a phrase and getting an answer from the team in 4 seconds. One of us wasn’t to thrilled about the idea of a “Hentai Dubbing Extravaganza” so we skipped that event. It is probably the most popular late night event at the con. The line was most certainly long. Oh well, there’s always next year,.. or not. Instead we got to enjoy the concert featuring Raj Ramaya and Origa, who both put on excellent performances.  It was most enjoyable and well worth the time. We spent the last bit of time visiting some of the anime video panels and relaxed for the duration of an episode or two. And that concludes Saturday’s Day(Night) 2 adventure.


Day 3 – Sunday


Even though it is the last and shortest day of the con, Sunday is still quite fun. The main event being the Cosplay Chess match was still a couple hours away, so we took the time to browse the dealers room and walk the halls. We did get to meet more really cool people. The number of cosplayers didn’t seem as high as the previous year, but there were still quite a few very impressive costumes. We took advantage of the time to snap some photographs and watch some of the quirky and fun performances put on by other con goers.


It was time for the Cosplay Chess at last, or at least time for everyone to get seated. Well known songs were played as the people waited, and within minutes there was a group of people in front of the stage dancing along. The Cosplay Chess match didn’t start on schedule but the dancing and singing helped to pass the time. The show began and the two teams were introduced; Light versus Undead. Playing for Light was the eternal 10 year old Ash Ketchum, and for the Undead the eternal vampire Alucard. They each named their pieces and had them walk out onto the chess board. To name a few of the characters participating in this battle, we had, for team Light, Ultimate Madoka, Kirito, and Link. Link played as team Light’s King. As for the Undead, Alucard introduced Grell, Soul, and Ghirahim. Ghirahim as their king. The battle lasted about an hour and a half and Link ended up being the last piece standing for team Light with the Undead still having about 5 pieces standing. What was Ash thinking? Alucard played his final moves and put Ash into a checkmate. Just before the final blow was dealt, Aizen intervened and thus wiped out the rest of the Undead himself, rescuing Link from his dire fate, but mostly for personal gain. And so the victory went to team Light, though through cheating. It was quite an act to watch. During the game there was an incident with one of the audience members who had to be taken away by the paramedics. It was pretty impressive how quickly they acted. Other than that there weren’t any other incidents requiring medical attention, at least not to our knowledge.

By now most of the events were over, so we decided to make our way to the dealer room one last time before the Closing Ceremony. Lots of people had gathered within the place of business looking for last minute deals. I myself bought an anime keychain and my team got some Magic:TG cards. We met more people, took more photos, and wandered about enjoying the nerdish atmosphere. We then spent the rest of the time opening our MTG packs in the card room where we found other people playing MTG, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh and probably other TCGs. It was about time for the closing so we made our way back to the hall.


Closing Ceremony:




 So the end of the con is not the happiest moment, but they still did a well enough job to see us off. All of the guests were invited on stage one last time for the farewell. The staff were thanked and we were thanked. We ended the con just like the last two years, with a showing of the all the AMV winners. It was then time to leave and everyone made their way out.



This year’s AB was quite an experience. We actually got to attend a concert this time around, we found new cosplays to snap photos of, we witnessed the medic team in action, and we got to go through actual security checks! I know I enjoyed myself, and I hope to see more people, including friends of mine, attending the con in 2014. Until next time!

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Otakuthon 2012

Montréal, Canada

Palais des congrès de Montréal (Montreal Convention Center)

August 3rd ~ August 5th

Con size: 11,000 attendees (announced estimate)


Anime conventions; where kids are kids, adults are kids and teenagers are overpowered

By Hofu


          This is my third time at Otakuthon, interesting how I’ve been in a different role for each visit. From regular attendee to volunteer, I’m honored to be Animeseed’s reporter this year.


Some background before I start my day by day coverage; Otakuthon is a relatively young convention. From its first opening in 2006, this bilingual festivity now attracts over 11,000 enthusiasts – which is, for reference, about half the size of Toronto’s Anime North and one fifth of Los Angeles’ Anime Expo.


Now, perhaps some of you may wonder if you’ll find your place in an anime convention in a French city. My reply to that is “absolutely!” In fact, Anglophones are the more prominent of the two. Perhaps due to the smaller online community, otaku culture has yet to inch through the French front line (no French military joke intended, nuh uh). I saved you the trouble and made a tally on the ratio of English to French panel and anime screening. Note that all major events were spoken in both languages. In 182 panels, 130 (71%) were in English and 52 (29%) were in French. In 161 video screenings, the ratio of English to French was the same.


Day 1 – Friday


          I arrived an hour before the opening ceremony after recalling how long the waiting line was last year. To my pleasant surprise, the process seemed a lot quicker this time around, perhaps indicating the success of pre-ordering. For the record, the entry fee for the whole weekend was 50$ (CAD), whereas pre-orders went for 40$ at its earliest.

Right after acquiring my press badge, I lined up for the entrance when a loud cheer announced the beginning of the madhouse. I immediately headed to the main event hall where the opening ceremony was to going to be held.


Much to the delight of the fans, Caramelldansen played and it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that the excitement reverberated through the whole convention center. A dance, a skit and a typical introduction speech later, the host eventually called out each special guest to come on stage. Little did she know that the majority had yet to be present, making the situation very awkward as spectators left the room.



I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of this.


For the rest of the evening, I spent my time at a jujutsu workshop and at the dealer’s room. I’m a fan of niche anime, so the diversity was hugely welcomed. After a few lessons on the way of the samurai, I found myself at the exhibition hall which has been relocated to a much bigger room since last year. The dealer’s room can be divided into two sections: one for commercial


merchandise and the other for fan creations. Once again, English products were more abundant than French ones; unsurprising seeing how some dealers came all the way from Toronto.


The exhibition hall – picture roughly represents 2/3of the entire area.


At about 9:30 PM, I decided to head to the K-Pop dance and singing event. Due to missing material however, the performance was delayed for more than half an hour. The host did a good job at entertaining the crowd with trivia, but I had to leave because of another event I absolutely wanted to cover: the annual International Firework Festival at  Jean-Drapeau Park.


If you’re visiting Montreal with your other half, make sure to note this down and show up at the terrace on the top floor for an unforgettable night.   





Day 2 – Saturday



“I don’t always cosplay, but when I do – I’m 8-bit Mario?!”


          Saturday was a constant rush for me since I had different matters to attend to. I arrived at the convention around noon, just in time for the Arashi Daikoconcert. The reverberating sound of drums quickly invigorated my tired self. They eventually invited spectators on stage; it was a hilarious sight watching multiple cosplayers hitting the drums in cadence. As I had an hour to spend before the Tomoe Ohmi concert, I walked around taking pictures of cosplays. Now I’m not a big fan of costumes nor am I knowledgeable in the area, but anyone can recognize the amount of dedication put into some of these.



Tomoe Ohmi-san performing Cruel Angel’s Thesis


The Tomoe Ohmi concert was astounding, amongst the couple of French lines she learned where everyone d’awed over, the entire house was entranced by her melody. I have the impression that every seiyuu seems to know how to sing Cruel Angel’s Thesis. I’m not complaining though, as it is an excellent song. However, I’d have loved to see her take a risk by performing something new.



Later in the evening, I was on the hunt for food. There is a cosplay café on the top floor, but I wouldn’t recommend eating there more than once – if at all. The portions were minuscule for their price and it didn’t taste great overall. On the first floor of the convention center, there is a Tim Hortons, a sushi shop and a Mediterranean restaurant. Alternatively, China Town is literally minutes away by walk from the center. Returning attendees are seen roaming through the area in cosplay so you won’t feel the least isolated. In contrary, you might be asked to pose for pictures from curious passersby.


The unofficial award ceremony by the Consul General of Japan at Montreal


With my energy tank refilled, I attended the masquerade. Being advertised as the main event of the convention, the room was completely filled. As I mentioned earlier, cosplay and skits aren’t big for me and it felt like the better cosplayers didn’t sign up for the show – a shame. The host sounded like a WWE announcer, and overall she did a good job keeping the crowd alive, but it was a bit unnerving. For the unofficial award ceremony, Mr. Tatsuo Arai, Consul General of Japan at Montreal, said (not word for word): “I don’t know the recent trend in anime or manga, as I am old, but I am a man, so I picked sexy girls in kawaii costumes.” Now, I’m unsure if this sends the correct message for Japan, but this man had guts!


I returned home at midnight. The convention was still going to be opened until 6 AM with activities including a dance club, anime marathons and adult games. The latter never sat well with me, but I swore that I’d attend one in the future.


Day 3 – Sunday


          Finally, the last day of festivities – the staff team’s sleeplessness can be seen under their eyes. Right before the opening, a line was formed in front of the dealer’s room for those who intend to snipe merchandise at a lower price. None of that for me though, as my wallet was already depleted.


The main highlight of Sunday was definitely the Video Game Orchestra concert. These professional musicians performed several familiar tunes for the enjoyment of nerds and geeks alike. In the program: Valkyria Chronicle’s theme, Terra’s theme, Super Mario medley, One Winged Angel, Zelda medley and many more!


For the rest of the day before the closing ceremony, I spent my time in the video game hall. This year again, it had been moved to a bigger room, much to the delight of fighting game and RTS enthusiasts. Several tournaments were held over the weekend, namely: League of Legends, StarCraft II, Street Fighter IV, Marvel vs Capcom 3, DDR…


It is with a heavy heart that the crowd headed over to the closing ceremony. New to Otakuthon this year: Pokémon theme karaoke and pop quizzes during the waiting time before a major event – kudos to the staff! Whelp, this about concludes my report. Feel free to message me at if you want more insights or just visit Otakuthon’s main website.


Overall, if you have never visited this lovely metropolis and are a big fan of anime culture, you should definitely come next year! The convention is held at the heart of the city, with several touristic attractions just minutes away. Montreal is known for its endless festivals during summer, the historical architectures and the open air restaurants all over the streets. See you next time!




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Anime Expo 2012
Los Angeles, California
Los Angeles Convention Center
June 29th – July 2nd
By Riotblade/AnimeSeed


It has been two years since I’ve last set foot in the Los Angeles Convention Center for the annual Anime Expo Convention.  The familiar sight of the convention center gave me a nostalgic sensation as I’ve quickly shifted my eyes around to be faced with a… giant Hotwheels loop!?  Pinching myself to ensure that I wasn’t dreaming, I quickly looked around and found an explanation for this mythical sight– the X-Games.


For many, an Anime and Extreme sports hybrid convention would be heaven.  However, I assure you that this wasn’t the case.


Trying to mix a group of 50,000 AX attendees with another 50,000 (Guestimate) X-games attendees is like trying to fit a bowling ball into a soda can– it just won’t work.  The surroundings of the convention center are normally wide open spaces, which have given me no problems in 2010.  However, with the presence of the X-games, one of the vital streets was walled off to allow motorcycle races for their event.  Now, why would anyone need to walk out of the convention center you ask?  The most simple answer to that would be: food.  The convention center itself provides mediocre fast food at inflated prices (as expected of convention centers).  However, in order to get to “food that fills you up for a decent price”, some walking is involved.  In order to do this walking, you would need to squeeze your way through the blocked off intersections.  No matter where you go, you cannot avoid the squeeze lines!


Day 0 – Thursday


I decided to go pick up my badge on Thursday, around 3:30 PM.  At this time, none of the lines were particularly long.  Nothing was opened around this time and there wasn’t much to do.  I spent most of my day just roaming around, trying to get a feel for the Convention Center and the area around.  One thing that I’ve noticed was that the Arcade this year was in one of the large convention rooms as opposed to the concourse in 2010.  It was sharing the area with tabletop and console gaming.  Lots of space and a ton of selection for those craving some live multiplayer action.


Day 1 – Friday

Friday was an amazing day.  I arrived at the convention certain at 9 AM and saw many cosplayers roaming around the lobby.  The streets were not walled off yet, which would provide the most relief I would have that weekend.  By noon, the entire lobby was swarming with attendees and cosplayers snapping photos of everything around.  However, as great as I’m making it sound, I was actually quite disappointed that I’ve missed the LiSA press conference earlier in the morning due to a little bit of public transportation confusion.  Panels on this day were in my opinion, non existent as nothing on the schedule piqued my interest.  However, I did end up going to the following panels:



Rightstuf and Nozomi


Day 2 – Saturday

Saturday was a really confusing day for many Aksys fans.  The AX schedule listed Aksys as a Monday panel as opposed to a Saturday panel.  However, the Aksys website and booth said that their panel was at 9 AM Saturday morning.  Therefore, when my party reached the panel, it was quite literally empty.  I’ve personally never seen such a low turnout at an Aksys panel.  About 35% of the seats were filled up and 100% of the attendees looking confused.  The Aksys staff were very surprised by the low turnout as well.  The main attraction of the panel was “Virtue’s Last Reward”, which is a sequel to “999″ for the Nintendo DS.

NIS Anime panel was a different type of monstrosity though.  The panel had an amazingly long line, although not the longest I’ve seen.  It was a complete full house, with a wait list for those unfortunate enough to rush to the nearest fast food joint 10 minutes before the panel started.  They went over a lot of their new titles “Natsume’s Book of Friends”, “Bunny Drop”, “Ghastly Prince Enma”, and “Ano Hana: The Flower We Saw That Day”.  For more information on these titles, feel free to give NIS Anime a visit.  The Q&A was rather disappointing as most of the questions asked were better saved for their games panel.


Day 3 – Sunday

The day that I was look forwards to the most.  I was extremely excited over the NIS Games panel as they’re one of my favorite developers/publishers.  The panel was late in the afternoon, which was the perfect time to relax after a day of con trotting. 

NIS re-announced three new in-house titles and shed a little more information onto them.  The titles were “Legasista” (PS3), “Mugen Souls” (PS3), and “The Witch and the Hundred Knights” (PS3).  The president of NIS, Sohei Niikawa was present and broadcasted some videos as well as held a Q&A session.  Siliconera’s Spencer was present as well, announcing “Character Chowdown”, a Japanese language learning game developed in partnership with NIS America.


Highlights of the Q&A

Q: Are you planning on making Disgaea 5?

A: Yes, Disgaea 5 is already in the works.

Q: When will Asagi get her own game.

A: Who thinks Asagi should get her own game?  (In which the audience replies with cheers, and a “Give her a game but don’t put her in it!”)



Day 4 – Monday

This was the last day of the convention.  As much as people wished it weren’t, that fact is undeniable.   The last day of the convention is great for those who are willing to stay and wait for all the shopping prices to go down.  Other than that, snap your last pictures and memories of cosplayers and then maybe attend the closing ceremony.  I didn’t have that liberty as I needed to catch a flight, but it was definitely a fun convention to be at.  I am looking forwards to next year!


Recommended Bites

I am going to close off with my recommended restaurants.


Denny’s – Open 24 hours and a short walk from the convention center.


Daikokuya – If you’re ever craving some of the best ramen the US can offer, look no further.  A short trip to Little Tokyo would yield many rewards.


Panini Cafe – An Italian restaurant a short walk from the convention center.  Provides indoor and outdoor seating and tons of food for a decent price.  Right across from Ralph’s market if anybody is craving for snacks.


Food truck parking lot – My personal savior for this convention.  Food trucks were parked outside a night club’s lot, across from the front entrance of the convention center during the daytime and was providing food for the X-Games (I believe).  However, they may also show up next year for Anime Expo!  Tons of different food trucks, including the renowned Lobsta Truck.  Give this place a whirl if you don’t want to walk too far.


Thanks for reading!

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Anime Boston 2012

Boston, Massachusetts

Hynes Convention Center

April 6th – 8th

By Knightfall



A year since our last visit, my crew and I finally arrived on New England’s holy ground for anime lovers.


Being our second time attending Anime Boston we had no problems getting around and receiving our badges. This year would be different, however, this year I was going to experience Anime Boston through the eyes of a cosplayer. Donning full plastoid armor (The stuff stormtroopers wear), I was ready to get started. Not even having yet step foot into the gates of Hynes, I was already being pulled to the side and asked for pictures. I had a feeling this year’s event was going to be quite enjoyable, not to mention this was my first time cosplaying. I could just feel the EXP rushing in, or maybe that was the pain I felt all over from wearing such a difficult costume. Either way, I knew we were going to have a good time.


Some history before we begin:


Anime Boston was first held back in 2003 at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel. Two years later the location was moved to where you find the event today, the Hynes Convention Center. What started as a gathering of around 4,000 nerds, grew substantially over the years, hitting over 9,000 in 2006! (Yes, that was a DBZ reference).  In 2011, the year I started attending, we already hit over 19,000. Anime Boston was awarded the title “Best Nerd Gathering” by the Boston Phoenix that very year, and again this year in 2012. I certainly enjoyed both years and it looks to me it’s only going to get better in the years to come.



Day 1 – Friday


As mentioned earlier, This was my first time in cosplay. By the time we entered the building it was around 9 AM. I was slightly nervous at first, not knowing what I’d be doing exactly. My costume not being anime related was another concern. I figured the people here are nerd enough to appreciate some Star Wars action. There were quite a few troopers and bounty hunters last year in 2011, so I had that hope.




Behold, not even 5 minutes after entering the doors and walking up the escalator, I was greeted by a member of the Rebel Alliance, who I then forced into submission; Only to be attacked by two Jedi on the spot. Things were already getting interesting and all worries were laid to rest.






The hall was filling up by the minute, cosplayers pouring in from everywhere. I was constantly reminded that I was one of them by all the people coming to me asking for photos. The variety of costumes found at Anime Boston continue to amaze me. From well know anime series such as Naruto, to semi-popular webcomis like Romantically Apocalyptic, it feels like you can just find just about every kind of fan here at Anime Boston.


It was the start of the opening ceremony, at this time most everyone was gathered at the main hall. The con’s mascots, A-chan and B-kun, performed their skit and introduced the con chairs who then gave a brief Anime Boston history lesson and played a slideshow all in celebrating the 10 wonderful years of Anime Boston. Soon after the display of AB’s history the guests for this year were introduced. To name a few of the guests, the Ayres brothers Christopher and Greg, Tom Wayland, Karen Strassman, who is well known for her roles as Kallen from Code Geass, Rider from Fate/stay night and Soi Fon from Bleach. One guest I personally was excited to see was Momoi Haruko, the voice of Rumiho, AKA Faris Nyan Nyan, from the anime series Steins;Gate and Seto San from Seto no Hanayome.


Skipping ahead, we made our way out and headed for the dealer room. I find this to be one of the best places to visit during the con. Something about being surrounded by hundreds of thousands of anime/game merchandise just feels right to a fan such as myself. It’s also a great place to get to know some of your fellow otaku.


By the end of the day, I had been attacked on numerous accounts, posed with some of my favorite characters (or they posed with me), fought off some rogue sith and even found Waldo, three times. Friday was a good day.



Day 2 – Saturday (Night)


There isn’t too much I can say about Saturday, I was only able to stop by later that night around 7 PM. I heard it was a blast and watched some videos on the events that had taken place, it certainly did look fun. This time I was not in costume, I was able to roam freely as I blended in with the citizens and watched some AMVs with them. As late as we were, there were still quite a lot of cosplayers, and I was able to snap a few photos of and with some of them.


This year was full of firsts; I was able to finally check out one of these “18+ panels” I’ve heard so much about. No there were no H- or any other kind of adult material being displayed. Bummer? At least not the one I entered. It was simply an trivia panel with topics that are better off not falling onto the ears of our younger anime fans. I can say it was quite entertaining, however.



Afterwards, we hit the dance party being hosted by none other than Sunohara- I mean Greg Ayres. There were people jumping up and down everywhere. It was loud, it was sweaty, it was dark and bright at the same time, everyone looked like they were having a blast. I simply wanted to experience it at least once. Though not exactly my type of fun, I at least I got to see Vegeta doing the fist pump. We called it a night.






Day 3 – Sunday


Sunday, oh boy is Sunday a fun day. I did end up wearing my costume again, and I’ll tell you never in my life had I been hugged by so many strangers in a single day. There was still time before the main event so we spent it wandering the large hallway just having a good time with the citizens and other cosplayers. I was made to do the oh so famous hip thrust that stormtroopers are apparently known for, instead of for their awesome marksmanship. We still had some time left so we hit the dealer room for a short while. After a few dozen hugs and photos, we made our way to the main event.


The Cosplay Chess game. I believe most everyone could agree this is one of the best parts of Anime Boston. This year was a continuation of last year’s Good vs Evil theme. Some of the notable characters participating in the battle royale for team Good were Roy Mustang, with Major Armstrong and the lovely Hawkeye making appearances as his backup, Lelouch was also a part of team good, though I guess he could go either way, and of course there was Madoka, the ultimate good of the entire universe. Team Evil had quite the lineup themselves which included Medusa, the powerful witch from Soul Eater, the crazy strong “puppeteer”, Legato from Trigun and the extremely arrogant and egotistical, King of Kings, Gilgamesh from the Fate series. The intense battle carried on for quite a while. Toward the end both sides had suffered heavy losses. Just as the tiny Madoka was about to take a heavy blow, she invoked the power of true love and friendship! Suddenly the game was paused and a wild Ash Ketchum appeared out of no where. He took the microphone and asked if his Pikachu could come on stage. It took some time before everyone realized what was going on and even so, I wasn’t sure if it was real. As she came onto the stage and positioned herself in front of him, Ash got down on his knees and pulled out his pokeball, he then opened it up and proposed to her. What do you know, it was super effective! This year was definitely full of firsts for me.



After everyone was finished “d’awwing” and clapping, the battle continued. In the end, the power of love and friendship was not enough to save the world. Team Evil had played it’s final move and made the checkmate. The world as we knew it was doomed. I actually found this outcome to be very fitting since 2012 was the end of the world anyway.




As the large hallway flooded with people, we found ourselves making our way back to the dealer room. Some of the coolest people can be found in the dealer room, myself included; It’s a great place to meet many people who hold the same interests in anime/gaming merchandise, also great for meeting people in general.  This year I decided I had to buy something, I’ve already experienced plenty of other firsts, so why not? After wandering all over and having a hard time making a choice, I saw it, I knew exactly what I was going to get. A tiny Nendoroid Petit of Akemi Homura from the Madoka series. After making such a satisfying purchase, we hit the gaming room. There were computers and gaming consoles everywhere. There were also quite a few DDR type gaming platforms setup, as much as I wanted to try that out while in my armor, the lines felt too long so we just browsed over some of the COD and Counter Strike gaming  going on.


We decided to hit the mall connected to the Hynes next. Many of the Anime Boston attendees were wandering around just having a good time. Visitors of the mall were gathering around snapping photos of a the costumes. I was pulled to the side numerous times and forced to force people into submission. For some reason they really enjoyed being oppressed. As we headed back into con territory, I saw a large figure in the distance walking around terrorizing the citizens. I had to take a look and put a stop to this rampage. Turns out the large figure was none other than the giant robot from the “live action anime” Madness at Mokuba. I watched Kristof in his costume on a few YouTube videos last year in 2011, I thought it was pretty cool seeing him in person at Anime Boston. Still, as a soldier of the Galactic Empire, I had to put him down.



Closing Ceremony:


As much as no one wanted it to happen, all good things must have a closing ceremony, or something like that. As we waited to enter the main hall, many people were still approaching me for photographs, so it didn’t feel very long before we got inside.



Also, Chris Ayres just so happened to be entering the door so I asked him if I could snap a few photos with him. He agreed with no hesitation and even asked to hold my blaster. We exchanged weapons, my blaster for his massive coffee mug, and snapped a few photos. It was awesome.















After A-chan and B-kun performed their final skit, all of the guests were called up on stage to give their farewells. Just like last year, the closing ceremony was finished off with videos of this year’s  winning AMVs. It was finally time for everyone to make their way out and head their separate ways. But it didn’t just end then and there, people were still getting together, messing around, having a good time, photo snapping. After taking part in countless battles of epic proportions, numerous encounters with citizens wanting to store my image into their database, and several dozen hip thrust sessions, I was finally ready to head out.


I found Anime Boston’s 10th year anniversary to be one of the most memorable experiences of my life. I feel it is only going to get better and better in the years to come.


Having gained quite a lot of popularity in 2011, Anime Boston 2012 saw many of the “Trolls” from the popular MSPA webcomic series, “Homestuck”. I look forward to taking part in Anime Boston 2013 and seeing how 2012 inspires next year’s attendees, that is if the world doesn’t end by then.

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