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Halo Legends (2010 – 2 Links – Dubbed)OVA Mature 
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An anthology collection of seven stories from the Halo Universe. Not anime.

Action / Drama / Mecha / Science-Fiction / War / Mature

Hanaukyo Maid Team: La Verite (2001 – 1 Link)Series Mature 
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A highschool student, Taro, becomes the head of the Hanaukyo family. He fears women very much even though there are many maids serving the Hanaukyo family. None of them can touch him and only Mariel is able to communicate with him.

Comedy / Ecchi / Harem / Mature

Hanaukyo Maid-tai (2001 – 13 Links)Series Mature 
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After losing his mother, 12-year-old Taro journeys to Tokyo to live with his grandfather. But he gets the biggest surprise when he discovers that his grandfather’s home is a huge mansion with hundreds of beautiful maids ready to serve him. Making matters worse (at least for Taro, but not for our viewing) is that not only does he inherit the Hanaukyo mansion, he gets the services of all of the maids 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Comedy / Love-Romance / Mature

Haruhi Season 3 (April 1st, 2014 – )Series Mature 
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After the embarassing episode(s) called the endless eight, Haruhi gets trapped inside the net game “Titan’s Fall” which pits her against giant humanoid creatures piloting even more gianter mechs. Will Haruhi be able to transform into a Mahou Shoujo and fight her way out? Does Kyon even want her to be freed? Find out in the next episode of Prism Rangers Z.

Action / Adventure / Comedy / Cooking / Drama / Ecchi / Family / Fantasy / Game / Harem / Historical / Horror / Love-Romance / Magic / Martial Arts / Mecha / Music / Mystery / Novel / Parody / School Life / Science-Fiction / Shounen Ai / Sports / Super Power / War / Yuri / Mature / Slice of Life / Psychological

Hellsing (2001 – – Dubbed)Series Mature 
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Hellsing Agency is a group of fighters that protects Great Britain and the Anglican Church from vampires and ogres. Led by Integra Hellsing, the heiress of the legendary Hellsing Family, the agency sets on the crusade with Alucard, a renegade vampire who fights for humanity.

Action / Adventure / Horror / Mature

Hellsing Ultimate (February, 2006 – 2 Links)OVA Mature 
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Vampires exist. It is the duty of Hellsing, a secret organization sponsored by the British government, to hide that frightening fact and protect the blissfully unaware populace. Along with its own personal army, Hellsing has secret weapons. Alucard, an incredibly powerful vampire, has been controlled by Hellsing for years. It is unclear how he feels about being a servant to the Hellsing family, but he certainly enjoys his job as a vampire exterminator. Seras is a fledgling vampire and former pol…

Action / Drama / Horror / Super Power / Mature

Hen Zemi (Spring 2011 – 28 Links)Series Mature 
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Matsutaka Nanako is a normal university student, who happened to enroll in an Abnormal Physiology seminar. She tries to keep her mental state sound, but other abnormal classmates start to influence her personality…

Comedy / Ecchi / Mature

High School DxD (Winter 2012 – 89 Links, 11 OVA)Series Mature 
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The story follows Issei Hyōdō, a dim-witted, lecherous second-year high school student who is killed by a girl on his first date ever. Issei is reincarnated as a devil, and from that day forward, he serves as an underling of Riasu, a high-level devil who is also the prettiest girl on Issei’s campus.

Action / Comedy / Ecchi / Harem / Love-Romance / School Life / Mature

High School DxD New (Summer 2013 – 77 Links)Series Mature 
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Second season of Highschool DxD.

Comedy / Ecchi / Harem / Love-Romance / Magic / School Life / Mature

Highschool of the Dead (Summer 2010 – 12 Links)Series Mature 
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The world is over taken with a very deadly disease that turns humans into zombies. In Japan, several students of Fujimi High School, and the school nurse, band together to survive the present apocalypse.

Action / Drama / Ecchi / Harem / Horror / Mature


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