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Another week, another article! Funny how that works, huh.


August 10th: Fan favorite Working!! has had a third season announced. When I first read this one I was more than a little dubious – it took longer than 24 hours for an official source to confirm it! The announcement came at a small offkai (offline meeting) for fans of the show and rapidly spread on twitter. Nevertheless, here we are! I, for one, am excited for more Poplar.


August 11th: October anime World Trigger has been granted a new key visual and has had its staff and main staff list announced. Some highlights are Yuuichi Nakamura (Tomoya from Clannad, Gray Fullbuster from Fairy Tail) as Yuuichi Jin and Yuki Kaji (Alibaba in Magi, Issei Hyoudou in Highschool DxD) as Osamu Mikumo.


August 12th:  This is a fun one. In order to promote the Hong Kong release of the mobile rhythm game Love Live School Idol Festival the publishers have outfitted public transportation with massive ads! This, naturally, resulted in the HK Love Livers prostrating themselves in front of the trains in a traditional Japanese dogeza, which set off a chain reaction of news stations running stories about it and asking Tokyo Love Livers what they thought of it.


August 13th: Upcoming shounen manga adaptation Nanatsu no Taizai (7 Sins) has announced the artists for their opening and ending themes and I sure hope it’s indicative of the overall quality of the anime because it is a doozy. They have constant chart toppers Ikimonogakari doing the opening theme and a godly combination of FLOW and GRANRODEO for the ending theme. Personally, I’m a giant fan of ikimonogakari and own two of their albums, I sure hope the show is as good as these songs will be!


August 14th: Well this is certainly a first… lingerie targeted for real life flat chested tsundere girls! I’m not even kidding, the brand name translates to Tsundere Girl. I’m glad they tried this in Japan and not the US, I’m sure we’d have some interesting people take offense to the line.


August 15th: Comiket day 1! Announcements out the ass! Unfortunately there were just way too many PVs and such to link here so I’ll leave you with the two biggest bits. We’re getting more Dog Days and more Nanoha! Dog Days’ 3rd season will be named Dog Days Double Dash (since the second season was named Dog Days Dash, get it?) and Nanoha will be adapting the Nanoha ViViD manga.


My deepest apologies for there being no linked images or videos in this post, I am writing most of it on mobile due to some extenuating circumstances. Once I get a chance to edit in the media I will. Thank you.

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Hello, Yazool again! This week was filled to the brim with Kantai Collection news due to key visuals and trailers for the anime alongside the long awaited ‘Battle of Midway’ game patch. With the exception of those two articles I’m going to avoid using KanColle everyday.


August 3rd: Having just said I’m avoiding KanColle news, here’s some KanColle news! The anime has been confirmed for January of 2015, along with a staff announcement. Famed director Keizo Kusakawa (Akuma no Riddle, Nanoha Series, Dog Days) will be leading the anime with the always cute Sumipyon (Sumire Uesaka) leading the voice cast as Fubuki. Please note the anime version is much much cuter. Here’s a PV and Key Visual: 


Yuudachi is way too cute holy shit


August 4th: Last Monday was a very slow news day for our beloved Area 11, so I’ve combined two bits of news into one! Both Prison School and Magical Girl Ore are getting anime adaptations in 2015. I’m afraid I can’t show a Prison School image here due to that manga’s adult nature, but Magical Girl Ore should be fine! I haven’t read it myself, but the manga follows a girl who transforms into a buff man when she needs to save people. Except the buff man is wearing a “traditional” mahou shoujo getup. You can read the manga here (in Japanese).




August 5th: K-On!! is finally getting a Bluray release set! Now you may be thinking this isn’t big news, but it’s particularly relevant to people like me who like to spend money they don’t have on importing stuff from Japan to somewhere overseas. The big deal with this release in particular is that it contains English subtitles! This is still somewhat of a new trend with Japanese publishers but it has been gaining traction since Aniplex started doing it on most of their releases.  It certainly makes the 37,000 yen (Roughly 360USD) price tag easier to stomach. Hopefully this continues with other Kyoto Animation anime like Haruhi and Lucky Star. Note: when I had originally written this Funimation had not yet announced that they are doing a stateside release of Haruhi and Lucky Star in the US. That’s even better news!



August 6th: Durarara is getting a second season! It starts in January! And that’s about all I have to say about that!


Celty will always be the best girl


August 7th: Have you ever wanted to see Asuna from Sword Art Online looking like she works at a fast food chain? Now you can because SAO has teamed with up Japanese burger chain Lotteria to bring you a lottery for a whole host of Lotteria themed SAO goodies. Or is it SAO themed Lotteria goodies? I really have no idea.


And yet there will be otaku spending hundreds upon hundreds for that tapestry, I know it


August 8th: Neither myself nor the Japanese can ignore KanColle fever any longer! The 8th marked the release of the Midway patch. Please click the link to the left (on the date) the see all of the new ships and modifications they added to the game. On a personal note I find it hilarious how much everyone is looking forward to this patch – the enemy ships in KanColle are very obviously supposed to be based on the American Navy in WWII to match the player’s ships being parts of the Imperial Japanese Navy. The IJN got absolutely crushed at Midway and it turned the tide of the entire Pacific theater against them; I suppose this just means they’re not very bitter about WWII. I also love the depiction of the stage E-1 boss, she’s so damned cute I can’t stand it.


And this little thing trashed the IJN real good


August 9th: No big news yesterday, the entire industry was busy playing KanColle. On the US side of news there were a couple of major Funimation announcements (Haruhi, Cowboy Bebop, Lucky Star all getting Bluray releases). All quiet on the eastern front!


That’ll do it for this week, see y’all again next time! As always, please leave any comments, criticisms, or advice you may have. Thanks!

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Howdy! I’m Yazool and I’m going to be starting a Sunday column where I direct your attention to the largest stories of the preceding week. My process is fairly simple: load up some aggregate news sites, count the retweets, and then bring them over here! The websites I will primarily be using are 0takomu and Yaraon!


July 28th: Kantai Collection has character designs!

The much anticipated anime adaptation of the hit browser game Kantai Collection (in which you control a fleet of anthropomorphized ships from the Japanese Imperial Navy) has finally unveiled some of their character designs. The designs were printed in the September issue of Nyan-type magazine. This ship here is Yuudachi.




July 29th: Febri makes a very silly mistake

Febri magazine is a monthly publication dedicated to interviews with anime production staff. In their latest issue they ran an iDOLM@STER movie cover story but left one of the idols off the cover! This makes Yayoi very very sad.


Yayoi Crying


July 30th: Grisaia no Kajitsu’s staff and voice cast has been announced

Fall is going to be a good season of anime! Tensho (Kiniro Mosaic) is directing with Hiroko Taguchi (Sora from Yosuga no Sora) and Takahiro Sakurai (Suzaku in Code Geass) leading the voice cast as Amane Suoh and Yuuji Kazama, respectively.


July 31st: Universal Japan announces several new attractions

Universal Studios Japan has announced several new attractions for their location in Japan. Among them are Attack on Titan, Evangelion, Resident Evil, and Monster Hunter. I know where I’m going next time I go to Japan!


August 1st: New Digimon Adventures anime!

Bandai hosted a 15th anniversary stream for Digimon and announced a plethora of awesome things for the digifaithful. I’m going to have to do some real deep soul searching to decide if I want to drop 50,000 yen on the original blu ray box set. The new anime is planned for Spring of next year and will follow the original characters into high school.



August 2ndPrince of Tennis Valentines card count

Every year the Prince of Tennis manga has readers send in Valentines for their characters. This year the most popular character with an absolutely astounding 62,837 votes was Atobe Keigo. Damn, he’s a sexy beast!



Please feel free to leave comments, suggestions or corrections, and I’ll see you next week!

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Japan Expo convention cannot be complete without a panel from the great Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, one of the founders of Gainax. Sadamoto is known for such great animation such as Nadia, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Gunbuster. Sadamoto started off with a short video of his various works, including a Mercedes Benz commericial he was involved with. It has been known from the beginning of the panel that videos and pictures were prohibited during the panel.


He revealed that he enjoys working on science fiction genres that takes place in the not too long future. He discussed that while having a creator’s block that he would often try to do something else that would inspire him. His favorite scene in evangelion was the end of the movie where Shinji was choking Asuka because of the music and the serene scene. The hardest character to design the was Mari because he found it difficult to create a character with a more evolved technology; however, the easiest character to design was Gendo.


The panel ended with a live drawing of Asuka riding a Cobra car. This is significant because of the fact that Mr. Sadamoto does not like drawing in public; however, at the last minute, he decided to finish a piece for this panel. As a result, this is the first time, according to the Translator, that Mr. Sadamoto has ever drawn in public. In addition, Mr. Sadamoto revealed his second drawing of epic proportions. It is so amazing that you would’ve needed to be there to see it.


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Aniplex of America and ELEVEN ARTS has announced that the third Madoka movie, “Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie -Rebellion-” is coming to theaters in the United States!


Aniplex and ELEVEN ARTS have previous brought the first two Madoka movies to select US theaters and continue the tradition with the third movie.


Transform away!

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12:09 PM PDT on Monday, April 19, 2010
By KROWHOP / AnimeSeed.com
Click the image to open in full size.


Director Nishimura, Designer Yoshimatsu

Sakura-Con had the world premiere of the Trigun: Badlands Rumble film during the April 2-4 convention in Seattle, Washington. This is three weeks before the April 24 opening of the film in Japan.


Like the anime that came before it, MADHOUSE is basing the film on Yasuhiro’s popular Trigun manga. Director Satoshi Nishimura, character designer Takahiro Yoshimatsu, were both in attendance for the premiere, and hosted a Q&A session prior to the airing. You will all be happy to learn that the voice actors remained the same: Masaya Onosaka( Vash the Stampede), Sho Hayami( Nicolas D. Wolfwood), Hiromi Tsuru(Meryl Stryfe), and Satsuki Yukino(Milly Thompson).


The Q&A will be posted very soon, followed by a synopsis of the movie, hidden in a ‘spoiler’ tag.


T_T I just spent the last 2 hours typing up the Q&A and events prior to the movie release, and the F(*&*(^*^%##@@ work computer crashed…so it is gone. I’ll write it up again after I stop crying.


Here is the bare bone Q&A – later I will try to add the events prior to Q&A, impressions, etc.

Q: How are the characters different now, than when the anime first aired 11 years ago?

A: We tried to make no character personality changes at all-keeping them true to how they always have been. The movie is based during the series, and made to be able to be inserted at almost any point prior to episode 23.

Q: The art appears to be more reminiscent of the Manga – Was this intentional?

A: We wanted to incorporate tastes of the original artist into the appearance. There are about 6 cuts in the movie with the original artwork appearance (try to see if you can spot them!)

Q: Will there be any continuation after this? Trigun Maximum???

A: The more and louder your voices are heard, the more likely it is to happen.

Q: Why is the movie based during the series vs. following the end events of the series?

A: When the story was being decided, they wanted to choose to show the loved characters, Vash, Meryl, Milly, and Wolfwood.

Q: Is there a dub-sub project in the works?

A: Nothing is currently in the works, negotiations are in progress, but we think it is pretty much guaranteed.
((Sitting in front of me were the 5 Funimaiton! reps who were also viewing the movie for the first time, and they just chuckled at the translator when he made this statement))


With only slight further ado, the movie was then presented – a scene by scene write out shall be forthcoming.

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