Anime Expo 2014

San Jose, California

San Jose McEnery Convention Center

May 23rd-26th

By Riotblade and Excelion

Day 1:

Knowing last year, I need to prepare for the worst.  I brought enough food and water to last me 6-8 hours in line.  Last year I was caught off guard with Line-con 2013.  I was dehydrated, hungry, and tired as the pre-reg line went waaaay past my bedtime.  This time, I will try at-con registration.  I was ready for a battle of endurance.  A battle against some 20,00 people.  A battle against my own sanity.  A battle against my own natural bodily functions.


I rode the VTA Winchester-Mountain View light rail line that was wrapped with Fanime decor.  I arrived at San Jose’s newly renovated McEnery Convention Center.  It was filled with con-goers and cosplayers.  Everything seems status quo.  Time to participate in the annual 2014 FANIME LINECON!!


I arrived at the LINECON staging area.  There was definitely a long maze of velvet rope, but there was something that did not seem right… WHERE THE @&$@ IS THE LINE?????  NOT STATUS QUO!!!  The rush of emotions… I can hear my psyche exploding.  I prepared for this??  All that food… And the empty bottle for… *Ahem*


So… Linecon 2014… Did not exist? I stood in line for a grand total of 2 minutes… With only me in line… Rounding around the maze of velvet rope.  A part of me was happy.  The rest of me wanted to kill myself.


The actual Fanimecon went off without a hitch.  There were absolutely no freebies, aside from the free plastic convention bag (they now cost $0.10 in San Jose).  I definitely enjoyed the new badges  which now feature cute characters.  Mines was a penguin !!


Suggestions for next year:  needs longer lines.