Anime Expo 2014

Los Angeles, California

LA Convention Center

July 3rd-6th

By Riotblade


Anime Expo is one of the big names of anime conventions. It only makes sense for it to also be a featured line con… right? Since our report on the notorious 2013 Fanime convention line, we have never encountered a line similar to the python we saw snaking around the blocks of this convention center. Though the con was bursting (literally) with people, we all had a lot of fun and definitely recommend the con to anybody who wants to have fun.


Day 0:


My group thought we would learn from our lesson from last year and get there a little later this year. We reached the line at around 4 PM and were in shock when we realized that the line snakes a few times through a little cove and into the streets a few blocks away from the convention. Here is a map to show what the line looked like:

Woah, it's a snake

We decided to man up and line up anyways as we thought that the processing time would be extremely quick. No more assumptions were ever had for that weekend. We ended up lining up for about 5.5 hours because their printers were malfunctioning. By the time we got our tickets, it was around 10 PM and we were starving. Fortunately, AX thought it over and partnered up with Nature Valley to give each grab bag a free granola bar. What a life saver!



Day 1:

We arrived at the convention center early in the wee hours of 9 AM. Outside the convention center, there was a “Fluff Ice” truck giving out free fluff ice and a sticker for those who would like to pursue the Sentai Filmworks sticker hunt. At the front of the convention center was a huge line that made us glad that we spent some extra hours picking up our tickets to be able to get in early. This was the most peaceful day as a lot of the congoers haven’t shown up yet, and there was a good amount of walk space. We headed to the Trigger Studios panel to see what new projects they were cooking up.
Trigger spent a good amount of time talking about their upcoming anime adaptation, Ninja Slayer. Ninja Slayer is a hilarious parody of how westerners view Ninjas. Rumor has it that the manga was originally written by Americans (Bradley Bond and Philip Ninj@ Morzez), and translated by two Japanese guys (Honda Yu and Sugi Leika). They also gave us a preview of Little Witch Academia’s second OVA which looked awesome!



Day 2:


This day was the long awaited day for Yazool. We had tickets to the Kill La Kill special event which included a mini concert by Eir Aoi (who sang the first opening song), voice actors for Ryuuko and Satsuki (Ami Koshimizu and Ryouka Yuzuki), script writer, producer, and their animator Sushio. They let us preview the first two episodes of the English dub (which wasn’t bad at all) and gave us a sneak preview of Episode 25 titled “Graduation.” During the Q&A session, Sushio drew a masterpiece which was auctioned off in another event.


Day 3:


I didn’t end up going to much today as the convention was packed to the brim. It was extremely difficult getting into any panels without either waiting in the sun or standing in line at least one hour early. However, Yazool did manage to get into the Terror in Resonance panel which he claimed was “awesome.”

Our highlight of the day was the Ninja Slayer panel. We were super excited for the upcoming violent series about a Ninja hunting other Ninjas. The panel started with a brief video about what Ninja Slayer is and even introduced us to the two translaters, Honda Yu and Sugi Leika. After the video, we were in for a treat as Honda Yu and Sugi Leika came out in their ridiculous getup wearing some LED goggles and acted the part for an hour.



Day 4:


Since Day 4 was the slowest day for many, we didn’t stay at the convention for long. There weren’t very many activities and we were all tired from walking around and eating too much delicious LA Korean BBQ. We ended up doing a bit of traveling around LA for a good time.





Anime Expo is the largest Anime Con in North America and rightfully so.  AX broke records this year by having over 80,000 attendees, a much greater amount than the 60,000 from last year.  All the panels and events were fun and well organized.  However, we are worried that AX is going to outgrow the L.A convention center and move out of the bustling city of L.A.


Full AX 2014 Album can be found here