Title:Winter Sonata
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AKA:Fuyu no Sonata
# Ep:26
Published:Fall 2009


Spring 2002, Seoul, Incheon Airport. Without telling anyone the truth, one man leaves for New York in order to undergo a surgical operation. However, Sang-Hyuk is informed by a chance phone call of Joon-Sang’s condition. Informing Yu-Jin, the two rush to the airport to intercept Joon-Sang, but are too late. A few days later, Yu-Jin leaves as well. She goes to France to further her studies.

Half a year after that painful separation, each are living their separate lives. Sang-Hyuk ambles alone, remembering the walks together with Yujin under the sequoia trees. In Paris, sitting in the popular cafe Macarone, Yujin writes letters. Each recalls the unforgettable memories of the past. Sadly, Joon-Sang’s illness continues to progress…

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