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# Ep:672
Published:April, 1992

Genres: Action / Comedy / Family / Mature

Shinnosuke "Shin-chan" Nohara is a little boy who seems to do everything he can to annoy his parents and teachers (and succeeds wildly), but only means the best. He just tries to have a good time and in doing so does things which will create the maximum vexation in others.

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Miscellaneous Information
Music Information
#01 “Doubutsuen wa Taihen da” by Tune’s
#02 “Yume no End wa Itsumo Mezamashi!” by B.B.Queens
#03 “Bakappo de Go!” by Akiko Yajima
#04 “Ora wa Ninkimono” by Akiko Yajima
#05 “Nenjuu Muchuu ~I Want You~” by Puppy
#06 “Tobe Tobe Onei-san” by Akiko Yajima & Tesshou Genda
#07 “Dame Dame no Uta” by Lady Q, Akiko Yajima & Miki Narahashi
#08 “Pleasure” by Tomomi Kahala
#09 “Leisurely De-o!” by Akiko Yajima (eps 509-594,603-)
#10 “Leisurely De-o! ~Crayon Friends 2007 Version~” by Akiko Yajima and AKB48 (eps 595-602)