Title:MegaMan NT Warrior: Beast
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AKA:ロックマン エグゼ BEAST
# Ep:25


In a parallel world exists a land called Beyondard, a more primitive land where humans and Net Navis coexist in the same field. In this land, two giant cyber beasts (known as Gregar and Falzar) are at war, and followers known as Zoanoroids do their biddings. A child-like Net Navi named Trill is the key to ending this war, but due to a rift in time and space, he has appeared in Japan, and the Zoanoroids begin appearing in pursuit. When Netto and his friends discover Trill, they vow to protect him at all costs, even if it means being stranded in Beyondard themselves.
Episodes 20-25 of this anime are RAW. They have not been subbed yet by any group.

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