Title:Ragnarok The Animation
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# Ep:26

Genres: Fantasy / Game / Magic / Mystery

Many young adventurers journey across the changing Rune Midgard Kingdom. Yuufa (Job: Acolyte), who has said her goodbyes to her brother Orki’s grave, and Roan (Job: Swordsman), a childhood friend, encounter many people on their fight against the shadows that loom over the kingdom. The two are oblivious to the fate that approaches them. Will they grow stronger on their journeys? And will Roan’s feelings for Yuufa take their relationship to a higher level?

Yuufa and Roan meet many unique people on their journey. Maaya, the merchant who is traveling with her Poring "Poipoi". Judia, an excellent hunter who likes fortune telling. Takius, a mysterious mage who is always wearing a blindfold. These encounters with others only adds to the variety of their story. What fate awaits the young adventurers?

* Description by Fungi

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