Title:Princess Tutu
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# Ep:26 (Broken up into Acts)


Kinkan-chou is a circular shape town with castle-walls surrounding it. With its calm scenery including a park, a theatre, lines of shops, it looks as if just any ordinary town… but why is it a slightly unusual? The people who live there are all nice, but these are including cats, crocodiles, all of which can speak!

In this town, there is a large performing arts school, Kinkan-gakuen, where a girl named Ahiru learns ballet. She is a little clumsy but tries as hard as anyone else, and is always scolded and made fun of but also loved by her friends, Pike and Ririe.

Ahiru has an upperclassman, a boy whom she is fond of, Myuto. He is very good at dancing, not so talkative, but handsome; he is Ahiru’s Prince. However, Ahiru feels Myuto’s eyes look lonely. Just once, she would love to see her Prince smile! With those wishes in mind, she continues to work hard with her ballet lessons. But Myuto has a very beautiful, smart girlfriend Ru, who is even better than her at dance. To think that someone like herself would be able to dance with Myuto is just a dream in another dream. Will Ahiru be able to become a Princess and dance with her Prince?

*** thanks to Ko Kiuchi for translating the description for AnimeNfo ***

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Morning Grace(OP)Ritsuko Okazaki
Watashi No Ai Wa Chiisaikeredo(ED)Ritsuko Okazaki

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