Title:Onegai Twins
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# Ep:13


The second installment from the popular series Onegai Teacher.

The main character of the story is Kamishiro Maiku, a high school student who has recently lost his parents and is now living alone. One day, Miyafuji Miina and Onodera Karen, two girls with completely opposite personalities show up at separately at his doorstep, claiming to be Maiku’s twin sister.

Although all three of them possess copies of the same photograph, that of a young boy and a young girl together, only one of them can be related to him. Which one of them is it? What will become of the other? This summer onegai/please observe the romantic drama of these three persons…

***description and translation for AnimeNfo by f4t3 ***

* The 13th episode is an additional episode for OVA.

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Second Flight(OP)KOTOKO & Hiromi Sato
Asu e no Namida(ED)Mami Kawada

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