Title:Kaze no Stigma
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# Ep:24


Eyes as clear as the sky… That is the mark of a Contractor who has formed a bond with the Wind Spirit Lord… Stigma of the Wind…

The Kannagi family has a long and proud history of being a family of fire elementalists, whose members have the ability to summon and control fire. However, the family is one that places strict emphasis on strength and ability, which determines a person’s rank and position within the family.

Four years ago, Kazuma was banished from the family due to his lack of aptitude with fire and eventually departed Japan for places unknown.

Now, Kazuma has returned. In the intervening years, he had somehow become a powerful wind elementalist, and he intends to prove his strength to the Kannagis.

Coinciding with his return, a number of Kannagi family members are murdered. It was quickly determined that the killings are the work of a wind elementalist and suspicion quickly falls upon Kazuma.

The rash and impetuous Ayano, heir apparent of the Kannagis, rushes off to bring Kazuma to justice, but things are not as they seem…

*thanks to cranston for description

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blast of wind(OP)Saori Kiuji
Hitorikiri no Sora(ED 1)Saori Kiuji
Matataki no Kiwoku(ED 2)Ayumi Fujimura, Yuka Inokuchi and Shizuka Itō
Tsuki Hana no Inori(ED 3)Sakai Kanako (EP 12)

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