Title:Kamisama Kazoku
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# Ep:13

Genres: Comedy / Fantasy / Novel

Kamiyama Samataro, a second grader of high school, is the eldest son of God family. He is living with his father who is God, the mother who is a goddess, his sisters who are candidates for goddesses, and a help, Tenko, who is his childhood friend and an angel. They are living in a house built 25 years ago in Setagaya. The reason why they live in the human world is because they make Samataro study human world in order to become God.
However, his parents make miracles without intention and everything goes as he wants. Therefore, he becomes languid and dull, and he is always scolded by Tenko.
One day, he encounters a mysterious transfer student, Kumiko, and falls in love with her. He makes up his mind to make her his girl friend by himself.

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Brand New Morning(OP)Mai Mizuhashi
Toshokan dewa Oshiete Kurenai, Tenshi no HimitsuMiraku [Mai Mizuhashi, Mayu Kudou, and Fumika Iwaki]

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