Title:Hakushaku to Yousei
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# Ep:12


A fairy doctor by the name of Lydia meets a beautiful man while on a ship headed for London. She is going to see her father and with her comes Nico, her also fairy friend.
The beautiful man introduces himself as Edgar Ashenbert, the head of the legendary Earl Blue Knight; or Earl of Ibrasel.
Edgar asks Lydia for her help in obtaining the Sword of Mellow, passed down from generation to generation in the family of Earl Blue Knight.
At first, it all sounds suspicious to Lydia; Edgar looks like a burglar whom people have been talking about recently, and there is also his faithful follower, Raven, who says he can kill others for Edgar. However, because of Edgar’s elegant act, gullible, innocent Lydia thinks he is noble and believes his story. Furthermore, because of Edgar’s constant flirting, Lydia gets nervous, although she doesn’t think he is serious. In the end, she accepts his request, unaware she was getting herself involved in a terrible fight over the sword.

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