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AKA:グレネーダー ~ほほえみの閃士~
# Ep:12

Genres: Action / Ecchi / Historical

In this era of civil war, when odious battles are rampant, soldiers that excel in the use of guns are called Senshi.

Onto this stage comes one such female Senshi, bath-loving Tendou Rushuna of the long flowing blonde hair and ideal body. She uses only an obsolete revolver, defeating numerous scoundrels and Senshi wielding machine guns and rifles. Her samurai friend, Kojima Yajiro, travels with her, eschewing firearms in favor of his sword.

Through the rattle of gunfire, the trailing powder smoke, and the pouring rain of cartridge cases, Rushuna’s bullet pierces the darkness of these turbulent times.

So begins these battles of gun and katana, not for some government, but for individual justice.

However, the true purpose of Rushuna’s journey is to learn and practice the teachings of Tenshi, the strongest battle tactics focusing on the removal of the armor of the mind.

The journey of Tendou Rushuna, the Smiling Senshi, continues.

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Music Information
KOHAKU(OP #1)Mikuni Shimokawa
Akatsuki no Sora wo Kakeru(OP #2)Hiromi Sato
Kanashimi ni Makenaide(ED #1)Mikuni Shimokawa
Hana no Youni(ED #2)Hiromi Sato

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