Title:Cromartie Highschool
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AKA:魁!! クロマティ高校 / Sakigake!!
# Ep:26
Status:English Dub


The most atrocious gag Manga serialized in the weekly Shounen Magazine, "Sakigake!! Cromartie High" is now being made into an Anime!

Set at Cromartie High where a group of delinquent students attend, some guys who are dangerous in a certain way are on a riot! The serious and honest Kamiyama, the King of Idiots Hayashida, the sole comedian Maeda, the bad robot student Mecha Zawa, Takenouchi who’s great at fighting but extraordinarily weak with vehicles, Hokuto who governs and rules all the Japanese highschools along with the mysterious middle aged man Freddie… Self-conceit! Can these guys be stopped?!

*** description and translation for AnimeNfo by Kaworu S. ***

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Jun(OP)Takuro Yoshida
Trust Me(ED)Kunio Suma [Bikyoran]

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