Title:Birdy the Mighty Decode
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AKA:鉄腕バーディー DECODE
# Ep:13


Ryunka – They say it possesses a secret power so strong that it has destroyed a planet in the past.

An officer of the Space Federation, Birdy Chiffon Altira, chases a fugitive who had stolen Ryunka, and arrives on Earth. There, she happens to kill a high school boy, Senkawa Tsutomu. Until his broken body can be restored, his body and mind are implanted into Birdy’s body. This is how their two-minds-in-one-body life begins. On the one hand, he spends his life as a normal student; while on the other, she does her best to carry out her duties.

Thus their story about the Ryunka, which involves the Earth and the Spece Federation, begins. In their pursuit of the Ryunka, they will face an incredible destiny which could hardly be imagined.

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