What is Anime Seed?

When you hear of the word “Seed”, some of you might be thinking of Gundam Seed. Well, I would like to let you guys know that you are not far off. Anime Seed is an anime streaming site with a whole lot of extra zest added in. Unlike most traditional anime sites, we’re focusing on building a fully functional community based site which allows its users to shape the future of the site. Instead of limitting ourselves to anime, we’re trying to expand the site as we see necessary to cater to our community. Currently, we have over 500 series and over 6000 hours of streaming. We plan to have hundreds of series and thousands of hours streaming time. Let me give a brief explanation as to why we used the word “Seed”.

In Gundam Seed, a Seed is what breaks open (for a number of unknown reasons) when a pilot goes into a super-soldier like state. Now, if you try to relate what was just said to this site, you would have a good idea of why it’s called seed. That’s right, we’re turning this site into the super-soldier of anime streaming.

Is it free?

Absolutely. All anime streams on this website are 100% free. That means you can watch it once, watch it twice, or watch it as many times as you want without paying any fees. The only catch is that you must be a Anime Seed registered member to access some parts of the site not related to streaming.

[Megavideo changed their viewing policy at the end of 2008. Non-premium members will only be able to stream 70 minutes before a message cuts you off. Feel free to support them by paying for premium. This DOES NOT have to do with our site.]

Benefits of Registering

As you read this, you’re probably seeing a member login on the top of this page. The #1 question that goes through your mind is “Why should I register?”. The answer is simple, yet virtuous.

By registering, you can make a decision to become apart of Anime Seed’s rapidly growing community. When registered, you can post in the forums, read normally restricted topics, rate the anime you watch, recommend related anime, and register for monthly raffles.

There are also benefits of earning earning “Seed Points” in which you achieve in multiple ways.

What are Seed Points?

Seed Points are the main currency system used throughout the site. Currently, it’s used to purchase forum related goodies and to purchase a raffle ticket. Seed Points are also going to be used as an alternative to premium content in the future. It’s a good idea to get as much as you can. Seed points are currently accumulated through posting on the forum, and uploading gallery pictures. More methods are on the way!

The Raffle Process

Anime Seed will hold raffles every month. In order for a raffle to be held, there must be at least 40 members who own a Raffle Ticket (purchased from the forum store). When there are at least 40 members with raffle tickets, we will make an announcement topic with more information and post an event on the forum calendar.

The Raffle winner will be randomly chosen through a computerized process and the winner will be notified within 2 days. After the raffle, tickets will be cleared from all member accounts. You must purchase new ones in order to be in the following month’s raffle.