Hi Seed people!


Ever since I’ve pushed out the new design two years ago, we’ve been getting mixed feedback. I’ve been trying to spiff up some areas and bring back some features that were disabled due to complications. Our community managers Knight, Wing and Psychromes have been working hard to give me destructive feedback (j/k) and I’ve been spending most of my free time trying to improve the site. However, there are certain aspects that need improvement and cannot do it because we lack the proper resources. In order to continue making the site more friendly, we want to hire a volunteer to provide us with graphics and act as our primary designer.


Furthermore, we are in dire need of anime managers. It is hard to accomplish a lot of things with an active staff of 4. I know a lot of you have probably noticed that a lot of our links do not work or are broken. We’ve been working as hard as we can and have fixed over 100 series in the past 2 months alone.


If interested, please contact me through Email, Forums, Chatango, Disqus or IRC.


P.S I hope you liked our April fools :)


This is the state of our staff.