Before I begin, I would first like to state that this App isn’t intended to be a video conversion utility that competes with AlltoAVI and the likes. This is a simple no-hassle tool that I felt like making to ease of the process of converting MKVs (and other formats) to a streamable format.


How it works

The program “ASConvert” is a frontend (GUI) that runs several command line tools to result in a basic x264 encoded mp4 file.


Programs Involved:

HandBrakeCLI –
MKVToolnix –


HandBrake is a great conversion utility with a plethora of useful options. However, it lacks the functionality needed to encode images into its videos. Therefore, I’ve resorted to using subtitle watermarks that have worked great thus far. I understand that there are a lot of windows utilities out there that can do image encoding. However, I primarily use HandBrakeCLI (command line interface) on a Linux shell, and I will stick with this tool as I’ve had a ton of success with it.


MKVToolnix is a toolset to read and process MKV files. ASConvert needs this toolset in order to generate a new MKV with the watermark included into it. I’m not going to explain how MKVs work, so if you’re still asking why this step is necessary, I suggest to google it.


Why use this?

The primary reason to use this tool is because it’s simple. Some users are overwhelmed by the many options that other tools provide. I’ve went and stripped it down to only the necessary settings to generate a good looking video, at the minimum cost.


I understand that somewhere out there, a similar tool may already exist. I did not do any research as this program was specifically catered to Knightfall, one of the AS mods. If you know of any similar tools, please let me know.


Will it work?

That’s for you to research, and for me to find out. This application is currently in the alpha stages. I literally just sat down one night and came up with this in a couple hours. I’ve sent it to some of our community members for testing, and all but one have found success with it. Therefore, I would like to do some more testing and have more feedback on it.


How does one use it?

Click the image to open in full size.


1. Remux All button – It might as well be renamed Convert All, but I have yet determined where I want to go with this. This is the button to start the conversion process after you’ve selected your folder.

2. Convert All button – Unused

3. Select Folder – Probably the most important button. First button that you need to click on and specify where your video files are located. If it detects video files, they will show up in window #9. Currently only detects MKV, MP4, and AVI

4. Output Directory – Folder of where converted files will be stored.

5. Process Priority – If you have other programs running in the background, you may adjust the priority settings to increase efficiency. If you don’t know what you’re doing, leave it at default.

6. Quality Bar – Adjust it until desired quality. Adjusting it lower increases the quality while adjusting it higher lowers the quality.

7. Resolution input – Normally, this does not need to be adjusted. However, if you want to generate more precise files, you may alter the resolution.

8. Watermark – It uses ASS format. Watermark is a line inserted into the ASS. If you need to use a custom font, replace CGB.ttf with it. Use AegiSub to test and generate a watermark to your liking.

9. File List – Every file that will be converted is listed here.


Please be aware that the program currently processes every file that is listed. I will not take breaks in between or be paused. You may terminate the program and other windows and execute it at another time though. If you encounter any errors, or have any suggestions, please let me know.


Where do I download it?


Once again, this is a tool created to assist members of AS who want to contribute to the site. I believe that it’s simple enough and generates great results. Please give it a go and leave any type of feedback.


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