Hello, Yazool again! This week was filled to the brim with Kantai Collection news due to key visuals and trailers for the anime alongside the long awaited ‘Battle of Midway’ game patch. With the exception of those two articles I’m going to avoid using KanColle everyday.


August 3rd: Having just said I’m avoiding KanColle news, here’s some KanColle news! The anime has been confirmed for January of 2015, along with a staff announcement. Famed director Keizo Kusakawa (Akuma no Riddle, Nanoha Series, Dog Days) will be leading the anime with the always cute Sumipyon (Sumire Uesaka) leading the voice cast as Fubuki. Please note the anime version is much much cuter. Here’s a PV and Key Visual: 


Yuudachi is way too cute holy shit


August 4th: Last Monday was a very slow news day for our beloved Area 11, so I’ve combined two bits of news into one! Both Prison School and Magical Girl Ore are getting anime adaptations in 2015. I’m afraid I can’t show a Prison School image here due to that manga’s adult nature, but Magical Girl Ore should be fine! I haven’t read it myself, but the manga follows a girl who transforms into a buff man when she needs to save people. Except the buff man is wearing a “traditional” mahou shoujo getup. You can read the manga here (in Japanese).




August 5th: K-On!! is finally getting a Bluray release set! Now you may be thinking this isn’t big news, but it’s particularly relevant to people like me who like to spend money they don’t have on importing stuff from Japan to somewhere overseas. The big deal with this release in particular is that it contains English subtitles! This is still somewhat of a new trend with Japanese publishers but it has been gaining traction since Aniplex started doing it on most of their releases.  It certainly makes the 37,000 yen (Roughly 360USD) price tag easier to stomach. Hopefully this continues with other Kyoto Animation anime like Haruhi and Lucky Star. Note: when I had originally written this Funimation had not yet announced that they are doing a stateside release of Haruhi and Lucky Star in the US. That’s even better news!



August 6th: Durarara is getting a second season! It starts in January! And that’s about all I have to say about that!


Celty will always be the best girl


August 7th: Have you ever wanted to see Asuna from Sword Art Online looking like she works at a fast food chain? Now you can because SAO has teamed with up Japanese burger chain Lotteria to bring you a lottery for a whole host of Lotteria themed SAO goodies. Or is it SAO themed Lotteria goodies? I really have no idea.


And yet there will be otaku spending hundreds upon hundreds for that tapestry, I know it


August 8th: Neither myself nor the Japanese can ignore KanColle fever any longer! The 8th marked the release of the Midway patch. Please click the link to the left (on the date) the see all of the new ships and modifications they added to the game. On a personal note I find it hilarious how much everyone is looking forward to this patch – the enemy ships in KanColle are very obviously supposed to be based on the American Navy in WWII to match the player’s ships being parts of the Imperial Japanese Navy. The IJN got absolutely crushed at Midway and it turned the tide of the entire Pacific theater against them; I suppose this just means they’re not very bitter about WWII. I also love the depiction of the stage E-1 boss, she’s so damned cute I can’t stand it.


And this little thing trashed the IJN real good


August 9th: No big news yesterday, the entire industry was busy playing KanColle. On the US side of news there were a couple of major Funimation announcements (Haruhi, Cowboy Bebop, Lucky Star all getting Bluray releases). All quiet on the eastern front!


That’ll do it for this week, see y’all again next time! As always, please leave any comments, criticisms, or advice you may have. Thanks!