Another week, another article! Funny how that works, huh.


August 10th: Fan favorite Working!! has had a third season announced. When I first read this one I was more than a little dubious – it took longer than 24 hours for an official source to confirm it! The announcement came at a small offkai (offline meeting) for fans of the show and rapidly spread on twitter. Nevertheless, here we are! I, for one, am excited for more Poplar.


August 11th: October anime World Trigger has been granted a new key visual and has had its staff and main staff list announced. Some highlights are Yuuichi Nakamura (Tomoya from Clannad, Gray Fullbuster from Fairy Tail) as Yuuichi Jin and Yuki Kaji (Alibaba in Magi, Issei Hyoudou in Highschool DxD) as Osamu Mikumo.


August 12th:  This is a fun one. In order to promote the Hong Kong release of the mobile rhythm game Love Live School Idol Festival the publishers have outfitted public transportation with massive ads! This, naturally, resulted in the HK Love Livers prostrating themselves in front of the trains in a traditional Japanese dogeza, which set off a chain reaction of news stations running stories about it and asking Tokyo Love Livers what they thought of it.


August 13th: Upcoming shounen manga adaptation Nanatsu no Taizai (7 Sins) has announced the artists for their opening and ending themes and I sure hope it’s indicative of the overall quality of the anime because it is a doozy. They have constant chart toppers Ikimonogakari doing the opening theme and a godly combination of FLOW and GRANRODEO for the ending theme. Personally, I’m a giant fan of ikimonogakari and own two of their albums, I sure hope the show is as good as these songs will be!


August 14th: Well this is certainly a first… lingerie targeted for real life flat chested tsundere girls! I’m not even kidding, the brand name translates to Tsundere Girl. I’m glad they tried this in Japan and not the US, I’m sure we’d have some interesting people take offense to the line.


August 15th: Comiket day 1! Announcements out the ass! Unfortunately there were just way too many PVs and such to link here so I’ll leave you with the two biggest bits. We’re getting more Dog Days and more Nanoha! Dog Days’ 3rd season will be named Dog Days Double Dash (since the second season was named Dog Days Dash, get it?) and Nanoha will be adapting the Nanoha ViViD manga.


My deepest apologies for there being no linked images or videos in this post, I am writing most of it on mobile due to some extenuating circumstances. Once I get a chance to edit in the media I will. Thank you.